Rain Gives Life


Futility crossed the pathways of man do not despair now,

Empires built will be forgotten to the lost souls.

A lie we are knowledge forth to new worlds.


Never to be mistaken these words ravel begging you to see,

Let’s walk this moonlight once more we are the truth no more.

We are love contaminated in our hearts I feel you.


There is always hope this new day be grateful we are alive,

Stop cast away fear angels are here for you this rain gives life.

Life comes to you your spirit is free witness yourself of love.


Cast away doubt sparing light this summer mornings life,

Troubles testing times we die every nightfall with peace.

Summer flowers we are, and we are here today.


Planets arise in your name pathways inconsequence,

The greater escape we are no more than dust in the wind.

You will never be lost again hold your hands to the skies.


Many millennia we come together this time is not lost,

Fields folding raise your crops across these meadows.

Celyn of truth victorious people we can say.


Missing fractions of humanity we die a little from this time,

Healing wounds you are beautiful we are existence.

Heal they self, passing by to say welcome to the new world.

On Wings of Angels 

© Nicolás Leas-Celyn MMXIX Progressive Poetry, Fragmented

Praise Today

All this pain you hold, scream my friend do not fake rid yourself of fear,

Never to be with me this journey I watched you praise today now.

Freedom on roads of the night special moments alone we are.


Gathering Celts across becomes of like these mountains, yes.

I lose you to life as I fall of the death of completion now.

Gathering tall ships for our love this day keep safe on this dream.


Globalisation keys to the death on this journey we warn now,

In chains system of the insecure can we not run from ourselves.

We conclude we conclude the ark is flooded our Hearts.


Can we see to believe do not deny your part we are paid no more,

We are at the round house the fire burns bright casting away demons.

Point to the end of man we have seen the forgotten blank stare now.


Do not beg forgiveness there is none I pray for you these lost days,

Do not talk in the language of God lost apparent witness of the days.

Politics of puppets there is no belief tears of self-loathing.


We walk these towns obeisance’s for these of truth can we ask.

The mind wonders I do not follow you we are of soil.

Reaction this night skies can you be complete.


© Nicholas Leslie MMXIX Progressive Poetry, Fragmented

Turmoil Inner Chaos

Passing of the honour my respect to you my good people,
Calling from the welsh hills angels of forgiveness as the water flows.
Drink for the memory of the fallen as we depart separation of worlds.

Let us pass our forgiveness with peace be with you in gratitude,
I need you to share your love this day we can achieve greatness.
Forgive the unexplained come close to God now we are nature with.

No more tears to cry I wish for you we conquer our own hearts believe,
We turn endless glory in your eyes of the spacial universe open the belief.
As we repeat the words of the few in comprehension we are not fools.

Can we today we are comprehensible I live because of you today,
It rains across these lands to give life this is unison between us.
Falling stars light the way to true wishes not to be worshipped.

Ancestors we are family can you not see the falling skies,
We gather a new day from oblivion as we are broken every day.
We awake to see sunlight this event is ours to praise.

Love is no word to describe healing powers you are,
Chasing dreams like we are children as we are the revolution.
Severn year passed us by we are a new fifty-one orbits now.

Grasping our elegance to forward peace can we achieve praise,
Severed encased this problematic journey to the soul you are.
As always ask for help it is given through channels of light.


© Nicholas Leslie MMXIX Progressive Poetry, Fragmented


Calling this day never ending nightmares comprehend nothing,

Slowly moving towards desperation is this art can we love.

Never be alone you are never alone cutting this flesh.


There is no conclusion we become the light in the night sky,

Humanity is soulless can we achieve light before death.

Echoes in the dark become with wings this freedom now.


Movements toward knowledge I have been stolen my mind as yours,

Where are we on roads in steel carriages to the unknown,

Open your mind to the landscape before mankind feel free.


We live in beauty the stars in your eyes tonight we are tomorrow,

On the edge of insanity everything is clear never forget your lesson.

Life changes in moments of tragedy we are disaster open now.


Living with our loss fractions of memory’s upon angels’ wings,

God is our nature do not forget the future for offspring.

To many times compulsion never to be free can we see.


Touch my love for you I hold you dear can we fly these hemispheres,

Lost you to time we live history cast away your demons hold fast.

Take my hand again under summer sun we complete this orbit.


Is this the final time around the sun can we still be in desire now,

Understand the end of life is the beginning take solace now.

Our life is now, and beauty surrounds us we can be free.


© Nicholas Leslie MMXVIII Open…

Untold Questions

You in this time under this night protection folded,
Losing the fear that is cast from the lost in the shadows.
Why do we die taken from this wounded body and mind.

Conquest falling to the shores of hope neither none today,
Moments infinity calls cleansing Earth that is Firestone.
The beginning was mentioned lighting the skies.

Cast away your demons’ children live and love,
Every nightfall is the last awake praise the new day.
Walk this new land beckon the summer days.

End this unkindness from different worlds gather clans,
Still today bringers of war have the influence of man,
Strike down evil does this not bring evil untold questions.

Where do we go the end of mankind is near of events,
No quick death bleeding out the saints do we love.
Extinction is our fact do you not know we are this.

Folding light into darkness are you there tell me,
You are the light you are my light we are light,
Stop the suffering open the hearts of peace.

Walked many paths to endless nowhere this life,
Heralds come forth forgiveness we seek this passing.
As we run with the wolfs our dreams are reality.



© Nicholas Leslie MMXIX Progressive Poetry, Fragmented,

Dedicated to Keith Flint


I do not know you any more this life is passing by us all this day,

Twisted fates there is no reason as you lie darkness befalls you.

Hallucinations’ these dreams that capture unity never more.


The heart you gave broken away from these confusions tonight,

I alone hold this light taken nevermore from the souls.

Heaven upon this cross this lesson given I bleed words.


I hear the gentle soft breeze of summer through windows of sleep,

Counting the birds that fly by the window in the skies of closed rooms.

Protection has lost control broken wings again this plain sweetness.


I die the pain in slow death to God I will ask for forgiveness that day,

Wishing great fortunes on the awakening to evade the confusion,

Can you equate fallen ones following blue light microwaves.


Compassion never fought numbers in the lines of the dead now,

Where is the conclusion to the words unjustifiably avoided.

Back to this spring day this joy to see nature of what we are.


We cross dimensions in sleep cast away your fears on this plain,

The hawk gathers the skies the owl gatherers the younglings.

Open to language these days gather the Celts of truth.


We are seers of fortunes that are gathering in this death we are hopeful,

Self-destruction this path screaming out for the lost who never hear.

The Sun will shine to other hemispheres time mortals can you read.


Farther than beyond infinity the dark energy grows can you accept this,

We do not see the darkness of night times will pass to this,

Communication in waves they are calling this is history.

We can see for now but for a glimpse of completion.


Spare this moment for lives lost for causes forgotten wars,

This is conflict of the mind we are lost can I help.

This comes back to the soul of love.


© Nicholas Leslie MMXIX Progressive Poetry, Fragmented

Cailleach-oidhche cailleach mhór

Under this moon light seeking freedom be good to yourself,

Can we capture this moment for peace end the sorrow.

Answers falling from mountains of fire take this chance.


Tailspins of the Owls that cry for your souls in destruction,

Is this life talk tomorrow this is no light of a dream tonight.

Cried out evaporated to the stars in the sky.


This is spinning infinity we have no end there is no cycle of time,

Deputation this mission to set you pain free this is love.

Do not lie to me any-more fractions in this truth of feelings.


Steady the apocalyptic horses come ride this destiny cometh,

Nations fall stand from century’s demons cast them to the ground.

This is the time cailleach-oidhche cailleach mhór.


We hear the sound ripple silently through nations of the lost,

This new breed casting shadows on history come to the cross.

We are light in the blackness no vision no truth I see you.


We fall decayed loveless hearts that rip your mind open,

Come heal with me softly through summer rivers to the sea.

I will not survive this body the fear of the dark void is real.


Can we help these lost souls to peace where are the answers,

Reality there are no moments that are lost oceans calling.

Tame thoughts no harm to you lets find happiness you are the one.

I soon will be ashes.


© Nicholas Leslie MMXIX Progressive Poetry, Fragmented

Soul Pyramids

Were all broken no sensibility water turns to death one take,

We all die feeling seeing the lie selling soul pyramids,

Clones of death command are you hearing these screams.


Breeding the insecurities, the part of the word, evil allowed,

The night is falling we have been to hell people we know,

Fatal this sunrise washing clear the site in blindness.


Grow your wings so we can see these heavens casting away doubt,

Can you feel these words to conquer fear killing demons,

Change cast away the bondage altera dimensions rise.


Power over people corrupts the saints this is not a dream,

Edge of forces deadly force this initiation this violence.

Media does not say this truth evacuate elite they come for you.


Lutheranism rising poisoning children’s minds to control,

We are sentinel open your wings Earth will cast and move.

History there are no hero’s but yourselves claim your mind.


We feel the torture in dark corners your image I see you,

Tear the truth from you give back the freedom to live,

We want peace war machines rolling vast lands of death.


Writing words to evolve the dead walking daylight now,

Among us forms take the second look what else do you want.

Humans are not our enemies grasping creation in thoughts.


We hear water on tin roofs for first is has to rain scorched soil,

Mirrors never show you the answer let go your pain now.

Find your peace this all we can do in this war.


© Nicholas Leslie MMXIX Progressive Poetry, Fragmented

Who Are You

Been at hells door is that a man rolling horizons in nether worlds,

Visions of examination the wanting to help with words always miss,

For real do we not cast shadows in shame nailed to the cross.


Mother help me God this sunrise burns we are blind these days,

For the help circles of tears this idea is dangerous to the soul.

I see you there my spiritual love hold me fast I recognised the pain.


Throwing words to the wind grasping hands to the rope imagination,

Were never alone the Celts cry this century passed open your eyes.

We are alone walking city streets nevermore passed to fame.


Blindfolded to these inner lights can you see walk with me for a while,

We are all empty sitting at your thrown the demise takes you.

Across these lands of beautiful lands trapped in rooms.


Mary forgive me I know you cry my shadow casts no more,

Of the blood of Christ catching star light in the sky this once more.

Time drifts to recompense to see your eye deep in the universe.


We are but mortal to gain our wings help is wanted we are children,

Help yourself this takes time forever loved is what you are.

Is there infinity this is choice falling to Earth.


The all-seeing eye holds your secrets to obtained from time,

We need reflection I hear you in this storm equilibrium now.

Closing to your mind we are all love do not despair.


© Nicholas Leslie MMXIX Progressive Poetry, In this desolation