Ask Me

What if this death forms reality dying inside where are you.
I lost you to southern winds this love eternal, ask me.
Calling my name in the night I hear you with spirit.

Timelines just call the edge of this comfort I scream.
Where are my children where is life cruel is my life.
Let the sunshine burning memory waters flow.

Sold to Jesus wash this body clean banish sorrow.
Empty rooms sleeping on gravestones we can dream.
Running sold weight of heart throwing back vision.

Please help running from light lost in time.
This struggle I don’t believe upon this cross,
Life is death no minds collide open arms calling you.

Time elapsed no more my friends holding hands.
To say hello upon stars in the night dreaming fast cold now.
twilight falls this door opens no more, poetic justice.


© Nicholas Leslie MMXVIII #ProgressivePoetry