Grasping the highways of dreams, you sent to me,
Lights from darkness memories never known.
Calling from the morning chorus they sing.

Take this time go steady fear no evil clasping,
Watching you this distance becomes no more.
The stages pen and paper what are we gifted.

Anxiety grasps the heart do not tremble these are tears, Pioneer across the lands afar, becoming one realise, This candle dimmers losing the way to peace.

In the poverty of feelings for fellow humans they are, A smile from the wicked through your vision mock you. As the Celts fall away no more bringers of justice.

These many years under feet of the few we lost life, Living fear killing us as these days go to lost time. Can we stand righteous never no one.

Assassinated they murdered thoughts their control,
Following walkways of the forgiven never reality.
The universe will open, be of controlled peace.

This silence in your mind gather positive thoughts,
Fight for your life unique as we are all.
We are the skies we are the star constellations.

Captured this body in demise, simple wishes to hold,
For life this war of the pollution stand and fight.
Where is the conscience of the humans in power.

They take your freedoms in international demise, Consider to care free community we will never acquire. Resurrection empathy it is your turn.

© Nicholas Leslie MMXVIII Progressive Poetry