Still Waters

I vision you from your reflection on still waters this night.
This is a dance of hearts wondering light stars in the sky.
You embody the angels there pools of tears cleanse.

Hope, never loose the way, open gates of heaven today.
Walking these landscapes of man, they fall to natures way.
Spiralling orbits of our Sun days come to years, yesterday.

Governance collapsing migrating the new existence.
Freedom taken from our children, no voice no individual.
Keep, care your love, the mind divided body divided.

Collapsed ripples in time across these oceans of tears.
The voice came and will return our cycle in peace.
Watching rain drops on the window of life.

Will never fail beyond revolutions change will happen.
Axis this dimension the transformation complete.
Hold fast your dreams, care receive love.


© Nicholas Leslie MMXVIII

I See You

Today falling from heaven this time a chance to love.
Speak to me this our time for light cascading emotions.
Naked to the truth answering the call forever this soul.

The trees gather there worlds for you to see this horizon.
Drifting light-ways this landscape standing fast the last.
Raise your hands to this sky once more bright moons.

Hold my hand this starlight world, we are young.
Sleeping this daylight this comfort of noise away.
Do I know you forgivingness casting this highway.

Passing to Earth loneliness these expectations grow.
Belonging to this land pure given essence enrich.
The song is love were never alone our hearts.

Age is our faith shooting stars to light the way this night.
Mothers love this will not pass in no control we see.
Think of time sustained for evermore I see you.

Finding this timeless emotion do not cry tonight.
Life subsequence passes by we still need to try.
Take the chance or you will not find this connection.
Shining gold these wings of freedom sing this forever.


© Nicholas Leslie MMXVIII #ProgressivePoetry

No Mask

Peace be with you my friends these days are difficult.
Raise the hope open this door let the light show.
Rescue can we hope this love open hearts.

Spoken words where is the time flowing waters,
endless days we can live forever from these words.
Missing you from my heart overcome these moments.

Seeing you in the light these summer days no mask.
We are free of this soul forever dancing dreams live forever.
In stages of this light follow love, do not go blind.

Never in darkness come from the dark no to fear.
In our shadows no steps taken this way see your star.
Holding fast the hand of love guided throughout years.

Hold your love fast here we are in life consequence.
Days fold to weeks years never losses we are still.
I see you through this sunshine never to let go.

To find innocence again shedding history lost to these days.
I love you never to let you go, nothing lost this century.
Never to fall we are, we can never give up time passes.

Holding fast dreams this will find peace follow your soul.
Progression messages from the heart find me this world.
Rolling skies this time days to save this form never lost.

© Nicholas Leslie MMXVIII #ProgressivePoetry


Let the love come down tonight this daydream of me.
Holding clear accept this fortune in feelings.
We lightning through the night, breaking darkness of the mind.

Wait, never in the eclipse of doubt, full of love for you.
Combined energy’s signals across this landscape bare.
Holding the hand in existence riding horses captured.

Fore in these the times imagination is clear salvation.
Unity exists can we be there in this protection,
enlightenment to achieve this friendship of man.

History tells these beginnings, no more tears alone.
Interleaving layers humanity you shall not burn.
Innovation the next core metamorphosis spoken words.

Romance these end days and fall epoch collectively.
Skies encapsulated compressed pathways open.
Fractions acquiescence these must be the days.

Open hearts to endearment no weakness here.
Compassionate is no loss you are the one.
Come walk the daylight and watch the birds fly.

© Nicholas Leslie MMXVIII #ProgressivePoetry

Be Sure

Dancing sunlight upon the face of my angel I see.
Clasping clouds across infinity skies my love.
Horses on seashores glimmering wildness.

Soft to the touch this memory never lost in summer days.
Our beating hearts of unified essence stand with me.
Your eyes crystal tears upon rainbows light.

Keep these crossroads pathways meeting minds.
Listen to the nature singing our days infinity begins.
Steps, this imagination is the truth of our souls.

Existence this love hold fast in the arms of freedom.
Compassion by this day as to try everyday today.
Time is short riding highways of light.

Come to me softly the way of woman free.
The moon rises to pathways in the night.
Bring me to you this night it is a dream away.

Cycles upon this universe showing the way.
We are together throughout history be sure.
Combining souls this chance in the dance.

Make this whole, sing for life this guidance.
The love on the plains of patience this years.
Feel my touch slowly caresses our love.


 © Nicholas Leslie MMXVIII #ProgressivePoetry


Towards the light, will you see tears of these angels.
Looking for the one the only soul this ourselves open.
Need you dancing flowers of the spring open hearts.

Broken the years come to haunt the minds where’s the flame.
I held you in the sunshine of life memory’s crisp morning frost.
Wondering this is to late, helping motions circles in life’s dance.

Finding landing grounds come forth skies ablaze mothers.
No right from distance lets connect, mind people aware.
Governments soulless grasping power no more.

People we the people we grasp foretold governance.
Highways passed flowing the blood of innocents no more.
Apocalypse screaming upon death everyday.

Awake the daylight this morning there is no end.
Denial the suffering unspoken demons of optical fibre.
We have all to give quiet words for the fallen.

Candles to the church for your peace, we sing today.
Mary my mother by the grace keep my soul today.
Lost never walking alone rage the bells of freedom.

We are ancient souls drifting non existence do we know.
Under the light we survive the seasons can we.
Love no boundaries humanity, listen now make the difference.


© Nicholas Leslie MMXVIII #ProgressivePoetry

Open Mercy

Climb away we are the children of the light sleeping through darkness.
Mothers cry we live in caves break the walls of injustice today.
There is nothing left but hope lost to war in the minds.

We have this night to come to me drinking the blood of Christ meet us.
Faith looses these ravens when will the wars be over my friends.
bonded waves across these wings I see you never fallen millennia.

Protected falling to faith visions to the fear let yourself free.
Filling wells of tears do not inflict this pain no more we can love.
Holding fast light pathways love conquers the darkest soul today.

Be mine on these fields of green, woman of souls open mercy.
Run to me now I have been broken on these streets in coldness.
Dreaming flowing waters clear fresh life open skies see you there.

Grasping open hearts gentle pass this way find ourselves there.
These years escape reality do not trust vision of the mind.
Testing guides the fruit of love encased of gold called freedom.

Just to passing on closeness holes in the souls people this God.
Tormented ghosts passing by, there’s something here today.
You will never walk alone, conception to death this reality.

Come to time as the silence falls sleeping minds evermore.
We find our Gods passing to the fallen bleeding souls our universe.
Praises fall short lost in moments encased negligence darkness.
We see forever look upon the days of history see yourself here.
You are freedom. 

© Nicholas Leslie MMXVIII #ProgressivePoetry

Alive, Awake Now

Care fortitude grasping waves of light embellish soft tones.
Hounds on the wind miles of sound calling for more.
This castle no walls seeing endless landscape don’t fear.

Tears the mother cries never born to this hate in darkness.
Drink my blood shedding warriors of peace no injustice.
Bring forth love never to damnation never loose hope.

This day all conquered coming around in clouds in rain.
Can we see the sun rise, walking fields in blossom.
Mighty trees compared to this light, open minds.

Meeting upon the rocks of the endless bay, the river flows.
Give yourself to love, circles encased by demons no more.
Bringing emotions at the clasp enslaver fall now.

Words many times spoken lay the light, clarity now.
Woman there is no man, endless days call for your angel.
In this, call God for help on passing never forsake this.

Our Earth globalization destruction never ends, humanity will.
Messages not from this world breaking ground listen.
Ask the truth fallen ones diving oceans of pain.

Wake the mind from drowning grasping oxygen breath.
We are alive given this reason, this fight for life.
Wake Awake now children awake, awake now.


© Nicholas Leslie MMXVIII #ProgressivePoetry


Believing fallen footsteps circles in fear no more bring yourself.
Lost voices down the halls of this century simple mind find.
Surrounded the circle of glass no more were naked.

Speckled moments you cannot hide find me now.
The years pass to dust, recovery our light the sun.
I see you wrapped in the warmth of summer days yesterday.

This cliff edge of love follows the distance we are one together today.
Strange love find ourselves this night closes in time falls past.
Never finding the words never finding our time light this way.

Thoughts sheer the mind empathy dreams me, open my heart.
Can we love no injustice screaming hear me now my love.
Empty promises lost to the winds this is a lifetime.

Are you the one are you my dreamer asleep in the night.
Catch me as I fall once more nevermore we are light.
Sweet home rolling mountains you are the only one.


© Nicholas Leslie MMXVIII #ProgressivePoetry

Moments in Infinity

Gazing eyes, your eyes doorways to love hold me.
Ask anything spiralling words hear my heart now.
Expression across pathways in the light this moon.

Hold my hand never fade years lost misconception.
Touch just feeling skies above us, liquid motion.
Escaped momently the darkness sleeping Sun.

Calling for you across hemispheres sharp days.
Sitting on stone floors a bed of straw glimmering fire,
we were lost in motion calling for you the mind.

This day angels fall for you, moments in infinity.
Music of life echoes silence never heard my love.
Age is my beating heart tasking evermore.

Escape the binding course, across this distance,
come to me grinding stones endless tasks inception.
We are different, age takes hold clasping fear.

Live again fallen ones, live again you will see.
Of mindless fallen creation we bare ourselves.
Look feel rising oceans together as one.
We are creation.


© Nicholas Leslie MMXVIII #ProgressivePoetry