Remember the days we are still together now,
Home is death there is light come with me.
Holding fast dreams anything can be.

History never leaves it comes to you tonight,
Adore the light will show the way become.
This age following footsteps open waters.

Wishing through mirrors never seen before,
Another time my dear ones there is no conclusion.
I reach to you from this universe peace.

Powering this calm love holding fast missing you tonight,
Settle for nothing less can we communicate now.
My tears echo fallen angels they are saved.

Calling out from closed rooms without doors,
I come cloaked from hazing fear the history.
Call to mind your happiness hold this fast.

Read this unforsaken I hold your mind,
Caress this web of light you are loved.
Reaching out I care to place to words.

Honesty Enlightens.


© Nicholas Leslie MMXVIII Progressive Poetry, Fragmented