in Progressive Poetry


Red moon this power movements in our essence life.
Our fire burns bright worthy people we see and feel.
Petals of this rose crystallize in the sight of love.

Thinking we were connected, upon miscalculation bright.
Lightning transverse this core the white light envelops.
Breaking dawn on this bed of straw visited.

Missing this night cry for the freedom solitude again.
The feelings open to save from the fall, glimpse this.
Far from the crowds take strength you are our will.

Gathering feathers of angels they walk with you unnoticed.
I miss you as my heart breaks this moment in time.
Can we see can we gather can we share can we be free.

I hide the wings given this day singing for love to pass.
Searching these pathways in the light see me we are here.
Believe as one achieve your soul open the pathways.

Fallen to soil we grow trees once said on mankind.
You gave us the black-stars come forth light the candle.
Our universe solitude we know you for now.

History writes itself can we seek freedom from man.
Change courageous never say goodbye this day.
Rapture felicitations cróga.


© Nicholas Leslie MMXVIII