I See You

Today falling from heaven this time a chance to love.
Speak to me this our time for light cascading emotions.
Naked to the truth answering the call forever this soul.

The trees gather there worlds for you to see this horizon.
Drifting light-ways this landscape standing fast the last.
Raise your hands to this sky once more bright moons.

Hold my hand this starlight world, we are young.
Sleeping this daylight this comfort of noise away.
Do I know you forgivingness casting this highway.

Passing to Earth loneliness these expectations grow.
Belonging to this land pure given essence enrich.
The song is love were never alone our hearts.

Age is our faith shooting stars to light the way this night.
Mothers love this will not pass in no control we see.
Think of time sustained for evermore I see you.

Finding this timeless emotion do not cry tonight.
Life subsequence passes by we still need to try.
Take the chance or you will not find this connection.
Shining gold these wings of freedom sing this forever.


© Nicholas Leslie MMXVIII #ProgressivePoetry