This Winter

Empty again my friend death creeps the soul no ending.
Believe the Sun will shine again, was this our memory.
From the night walking to the arms of love.

Standing where we fear to tread hazel eyes.
Hold fast the dreams in unity the crossroads.
Were naked stripped of flesh sending us free.

Living the music I hear you call rise our bones.
Forgive I set you this road, let go the fear my love.
Open wings our angels of the skies this together.

Find us summer answers flowing the mind us.
Keys holding fast the locks of the chains holding this winter.
Aperture centres our souls people within pain.

Late in the night we will answer this dwelling in sorrow.
Light wakes the mind from darkness developed now.
Change comes to us tired flowers in this moonlight.

Call for the love no man can give understand now.
Follow deep waters refresh clear see people see.
Never walk alone, we never walk alone.

Talking softly they conquer as this light do not cry.
Passing souls this world never apart, tell your story.
Find yourself in words no more my Angel.


© Nicholas Leslie MMXVIII #ProgressivePoetry



Crying tonight do you remember me, pray for me.
Down lost roads this time lost persistence forgotten.
Making snow angels in the sands of time we are close.

Think the days time is slow were lost to woman.
Slowly the dawn of time encapsulates your eyes,
hold me now this forgotten space, this ice.

Never love lost, never alone come together,
My bed of innocence traversed sky escapes,
awaken my angel, this day is difference.

I am lost to your motion in ninety years.
Souls lost to war, privileged sway away. 
Rivers of blood this western way no more.

Move slow my miracle hold fast this love,
as today run to my arms hold fast the dream.
Bring peace down this road messages of freedom.

I care my spring, no anger in memory’s cease not.
My heart is yours eternity cries no more.
We build the castles humanity rise.

© Nicholas Leslie MMXVIII #ProgressivePoetry


Caution to what you might find we are but strangers.
elliptical spheres amass this mind this door opens.
Time for another my dear this death together.

Pain takes control rest on beds of straw life becomes.
Walk pathways of light find your soul, find me.
Black and white knights come the kings in justice.

Happiness comes in turning the page never read.
Falter never fall catch this spirit, infinity promises.
Women call out we see you as Earth passing by.

Heaven named you on this day, what is love.
Empty rooms with history no more, do not cry.
Wait ones upon peace have your day.

Movements this universe cease fractions end.
Sing the new song never written you are the one.
Journeying to hold your light this day.


© Nicholas Leslie MMXVIII #ProgressivePoetry

Always Loved

Heaven is at your feet crying telling time to pass this way.
Fear has this day listening empty ways I find yourself again.
fallen from the arms from this demon no care.

Barren wastelands thoughts perish to ashes this waking hour.
walking the ways in tenders open your eyes no more.
Gone are clear skies where is seasons of light my dear.

Passing born to light once more upon to tree scape windows.
One the hole in my heart clear passive nature to many times.
Solidarity of the body floating this stream free again.

I love to the elemental, environmental kills this body.
Primitive words have no passing, naive yourself.
Discovery humanity has passed to history, no love this way.

Compassion upon mercy time lapses kindness falls my tears.
The pain as one nothing relative but darkness hidden.
Parallel souls meet this time, this day the key.

Purify purge loveless, talk of peace kind hearts.
Hold grace forgive fear I beside you never forget.
Look never fail you are never alone always loved.


© Nicholas Leslie MMXVIII #ProgressivePoetry

Dark Days

Landscape of broken dreams I drown in sorrow my soul,
rooms empty without you hearing echoes this life.
asking questions were not born but to death.

Hearts in pain cutting sharp, release yourself loneliness,
what is truth polluted minds, mesmerized to digital highways.
Never ending war this man into fear of life grasping for air.

Take this pain take away this pain no words to conclude,
given this day tribes rise in hallways of power.
cleansing your eyes will see fallen flags petulance.

Live in truth we are change greeting falling cosmos.
Angels chorus in time of thought action this waking hour.
Aspirations desire, hope, longing, yearning peace.

Telling folk-law this meaning evades simple minds.
Born to see this end of times, every single day this lifetime.
Counting atoms flashing the skies from steps this estate.

Fates watching three seeing wisdoms hold man fast,
is this time tonight new days come forth in wisdom.
Can we awaken again seeing fallen skies dark days.

Spring waits for you all seasons wait for you life forward.
burning Sun awakens this change falls fast to you.
You are change bring forth the truth now my people.


© Nicholas Leslie MMXVIII #ProgressivePoetry

Kiss me Now

Found you in the wildness of my heart no more tears,
barefoot across warm summer sands, the breeze
calls to me in sight of salvation hold me fast.

This land recovers without man, blossoming trees,
this is the day give back to nature open your eyes and see.
religion falls no sound heard, hold fast to the light.

Guided to the gates of dawn we find our wonder.
Do not look upon in fear we are change, the watchers.
Skies open at your feet our dream reality walking this way.

Spheres of life envelope the mind, our soil on rock this ground.
Nature will have the way, you find me in roots of trees.
Love no reasoning life time away touch my soul today.

I hold you fast dreams this reality never lost,
I love you to the day never ending silence bare love.
Born to love you my dear kiss me now.  


© Nicholas Leslie MMXVIII #ProgressivePoetry

Twenty Millennium

Walking into the sunset mist follows there over shores calm.
holding fast the dreams for peace clear freedom this end.
the blood broods at the vampires at your door forsaken love.

While our demons grow this world dark skies envelope the mind.
grieve I grieve for you this passing moment lost to life I.
This pain passing through the days never ending.

I die for you through the days this childhood lost mind,
My life ends beginning the new days on days lost.
Turning years across this life time meld form.

Come to me spirit holiness is thought hold Jesus.
No heaven no hell selling salvation core coldness.
Love is no weapon calling saints of war reconciliation now.

Crusading holding knights of templar this holy grail.
falling stars twenty millennium past an hour this moment.
We are alive heavy horses come forth this land.
Yes to God no to fear, yes to love no to prejudice.


© Nicholas Leslie MMXVIII #ProgressivePoetry

Ask Me

What if this death forms reality dying inside where are you.
I lost you to southern winds this love eternal, ask me.
Calling my name in the night I hear you with spirit.

Timelines just call the edge of this comfort I scream.
Where are my children where is life cruel is my life.
Let the sunshine burning memory waters flow.

Sold to Jesus wash this body clean banish sorrow.
Empty rooms sleeping on gravestones we can dream.
Running sold weight of heart throwing back vision.

Please help running from light lost in time.
This struggle I don’t believe upon this cross,
Life is death no minds collide open arms calling you.

Time elapsed no more my friends holding hands.
To say hello upon stars in the night dreaming fast cold now.
twilight falls this door opens no more, poetic justice.


© Nicholas Leslie MMXVIII #ProgressivePoetry

I keep

Waiting, tears flow like the rivers hold fast time this time.
Holding your heart so farther away from me, love is you.
History in scars of the mind, fear is willing.

River banks covered pathways lost to sight it is never.
Feelings of me now far from your pain this turmoil,
coming across harmonica ranges this steel voice.

I keep you to mind as fortune in parting, ghosts glimmer.
Unite minds cast the stones to the ground, call universe save us.
Protection under the moon of my hearts mind for-evermore.

Bring voices distant calling under trees of yew this experience.
Clouds gather this side of time afresh answers no time .
Let’s fly as birds electrical pathways clear this danger.

Open the hearts casting demons to core fire this day.
Wishing you are hear to me on this day longing passes.
Lost in rooms no conquered beings open your eyes.

Day to day falling minds ask what is more.
Death looks upon every word in judgment time passes.
We have everything you are my soul….


© Nicholas Leslie MMXVIII #ProgressivePoetry


What more barren soul in worlds of what you had how big is your soul.
Gather crying angels make the peace never to loose our minds.
How many souls cry for freedom we are one throughout fire.

Fractured pathways fall to our Earth never seen, to this day.
Stolen mind I love thee, we are coming around open hearts.
Kiss me upon my lips tender ways on the cross of injustice.

My mind stolen to insanity many times, we grow looking for you.
A second glance is that you my sweetheart many dark days,
can we be free the same heart under the same sunlight.

Come with me pathways in insecurity, fallen highways find this peace.
Across the coldness of homosapien one hundred twenty millennia.
Spring comes forth say your words of love and believe in freedom.


© Nicholas Leslie MMXVIII #ProgressivePoetry