Emotions clutching reality can we see who do you need,
Unrested souls captured day of the forgotten call me now.
Slow death of man are we ready for the change.

Under rainbows metallic memories skies above us all,
Armageddon our way on this path lost to darkness.
Sacrificed to progress there is our experiment.

Can you ask why they destroyed my worlds once a time,
Falling from the universe we feel no more do not be afraid,
I will be leaving on the sunset of yesterday nevermore.

Do not follow me to this abyss on the crescent moon tonight,
I wait for you at the mighty redwoods our home once more.
We are together upon daytime dreams never lost to fools.

Age of what this is remember the tears of millions taken,
Awake in the new day I will kneel at your feet a blessing.
The chorus of Angels calls change is becoming.

Fate is the answer to the conclusion drifting waters,
Separation they will ask no more for the conciliation.
I die before six thousand days the light will be there for you.

We do not run we are love escaping fear this time,
The reason is love mercy upon us all we have no freedom.
Take the time to feel this miracle no phenomenon.

Taking our heaven oblivion is still the thought they gave this,
Give thanks to what you believe let there be no segregation.
Your soul keeps no secrets we know this to be true.



© Nicolás Leas-Celyn MMXIX

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