Dance, You are Closed

Redemption is not the easy way calling from the soul,

Under oak trees in dark nights no more freedom.

Struck with the beauty of simplicity we are.


Can we dance these nights away never to fear time,

Sometimes finding peace wishing to find peace in this hour.

I lost you from under my wings fallen will rise again.


Strength gained our weakness falls to the ground only to see,

Individuals unique born from time and space of the stars.

Do not contaminate the mind free the waters of life.


Compounded universe, fluid atoms collide you are here,

Lost these ways of justice the collective enemy forever.

Imposed false religion the doves will fly once more.


Uniqueness of you combined fallen justice the sky is bear,

In this conclusion empty hearts need the love this faith.

We can see time melt under the music of life.


Dance do not close the night your personal faith the eyes upon,

Freedom in words dripping flesh of cages of the church.

Travelled so far this cycle banish thoughts of this governance.


Retreat in pathway of this light open you heart to yourself,

Care now you are one we are the difference to life and love.

Worried times there for you shed the darkness be you.


© Nicholas Leslie MMXVIII Progressive Poetry