Who Are You

Been at hells door is that a man rolling horizons in nether worlds,

Visions of examination the wanting to help with words always miss,

For real do we not cast shadows in shame nailed to the cross.


Mother help me God this sunrise burns we are blind these days,

For the help circles of tears this idea is dangerous to the soul.

I see you there my spiritual love hold me fast I recognised the pain.


Throwing words to the wind grasping hands to the rope imagination,

Were never alone the Celts cry this century passed open your eyes.

We are alone walking city streets nevermore passed to fame.


Blindfolded to these inner lights can you see walk with me for a while,

We are all empty sitting at your thrown the demise takes you.

Across these lands of beautiful lands trapped in rooms.


Mary forgive me I know you cry my shadow casts no more,

Of the blood of Christ catching star light in the sky this once more.

Time drifts to recompense to see your eye deep in the universe.


We are but mortal to gain our wings help is wanted we are children,

Help yourself this takes time forever loved is what you are.

Is there infinity this is choice falling to Earth.


The all-seeing eye holds your secrets to obtained from time,

We need reflection I hear you in this storm equilibrium now.

Closing to your mind we are all love do not despair.


© Nicholas Leslie MMXIX Progressive Poetry, In this desolation