Crying tonight do you remember me, pray for me.
Down lost roads this time lost persistence forgotten.
Making snow angels in the sands of time we are close.

Think the days time is slow were lost to woman.
Slowly the dawn of time encapsulates your eyes,
hold me now this forgotten space, this ice.

Never love lost, never alone come together,
My bed of innocence traversed sky escapes,
awaken my angel, this day is difference.

I am lost to your motion in ninety years.
Souls lost to war, privileged sway away. 
Rivers of blood this western way no more.

Move slow my miracle hold fast this love,
as today run to my arms hold fast the dream.
Bring peace down this road messages of freedom.

I care my spring, no anger in memory’s cease not.
My heart is yours eternity cries no more.
We build the castles humanity rise.

© Nicholas Leslie MMXVIII #ProgressivePoetry