Become Oxygen

Do not walk in empty emotions you are love always,

This emotion takes many forms wake yourself to this.

We were lost on highways of darkness ask for help.

Kissing the moon light were never far from the edge,

This time will heal we will find our affection again.

To look at the shadow of death cast away doubt.

Heal there is truth talk to me I lost you many times,

Grasp the fear take control no easy way from these clouds.

This twilight brake free, feel emotion to learn I hold you.

Our universe loves you but never in words this emotion,

Passing by to say hello I see you forms of the lost.

Welcome to the world feel no guilt find your way.

Evil comes and goes find times your happiness,

Do not misguide you have the future survive now.

Please no despair to take throw this away the struggle.

Moments are you calling our angels ask for help we are,

I miss you talking the last days help now feelings grasp.

There are no secrets memories remember your smile.

Why did you leave Angela this language for-evermore,

Just lost souls history takes us all my heart was open,

Seconds we have our souls to God us all take me.

Joseph circles of tears howling the night the light you gave,

This is death inflicted sorrow I will follow life becomes, I know you friend I will soon become oxygen.

© Nicholas Leslie MMXVIII Progressive Poetry, Fragmented