Is this the land of the free as encapsulated people.
This time we forget the loss forever hold fast.
Awakening of the child my harmonies call we lost.

Spending nights alone this sings the clouds I never seen.
he dawn as the moth fly bringer this companionship.
Endowments of volcanic rock the reflection shape.

Stand yourself at the gates of dawn this morning.
Deep seas conquered no chastity hold fast.
Memories burnt to the mind the blue sphere I see you.

On conduction holding this love hold tightly.
What is rapture but you to know soft.
Turning paranoia sugar taste this life time.

Wishing upon you peace to the day if only.
Conflicting nations this war no sense at all.
Hurricane ripping the sails be home tonight.

Death this machine collided minds no more.
On the floor to build peace can we see this age.
Killing fields chosen ones be free from pain.

Peace please. 


© Nicholas Leslie MMXVIII #ProgressivePoetry

Self Harm

Together death sings a merry tune tonight, age.
Offerings of strength do not pass a fortune of love.
Missing you second by minutes are frozen.

Walking through winter with you this is are summer.
A God within love the music plays no endlessness.
Statements the tables ground we can be one.

Hold fast the dreams forgotten cry captured.
At the moments falling open arms come to threshold.
No hiding this light take this energy I give.

Reading you there on stones theses dwellings find.
Loved you are they call to you your name no harm.
Be capture freedom disappear at the cutting edge.

Safe the world in paradise claims your mind.
No more primeval cries this day turns to love.
Summer in innocence open hands take solitude.

We are one to this time I see you there alone.
We are loved take no thoughts to harm no more.
I give myself to you as in the static please see.


© Nicholas Leslie MMXVIII


The gates are opening do you see there lies open eyes.
Traveling waste lands open hearts where is the peace.
The fallen know this fear ripped apart these hearts.

Running roads injustice there is nothing with you open.
Looking at endless light through flower meadows listen.
Help yourself to life never forget this cosmos again.

Writers tears flow this pain inside progressing fear.
Chose pathways never have been broken by man.
Beaten never ending story’s walking darkness tonight.

Breath from your heart clear skies this moon, freedom.
Awake this new day born again our universe sunlight.
I will be with you this dawn the dew on creation lays.

Empty again never-ended drums of war this nation.
Hold fast the currency is not there’s but God.
There is no stranger that can chastise this time.

Help fellow souls to see what can be love.
Loosing feelings ask for help I lost you today.
From bitterness falls hope loose your mind,
find happiness. This can be love.


© Nicholas Leslie MMXVIII #Progressive Poetry


The day I fell into your arms the day I died unspoken.
Freedom from pain lets go dancing in the summer rain.
The time progresses from many tears.

This tree falls in silence storms from realms of passion.
Come to me in days of love and understanding today.
Seconds days lost to injustice freedom cry this name.

Walking pathways of light hold your heart dearest.
This love we have collides minds from fractions.
Call to me I have forgiveness holding fast choices.

Have no fear dreams are dreams all passing waters.
Touch this skin there is no weakness hold me.
Spinning time clouds your mind, together fast.

I love you, this passing emotion history speaks the truth.
Will never forget the soul screaming tonight I’m invisible.
This universe wants for no man coincidence of woman.

Cycles the moon casting shadows this incandescence.
No more chains my dear this has to be clear to Earth.
Remember the loss, forgive heartache this is love.

Thoughts in freedom confined to the mind at your light.
Can we hope the song sings for us together.
You and me the hope, grasp this life and see.


© Nicholas Leslie MMXVIII #ProgressivePoetry

Dream Freedom

From the skies comes our love, the consequence yes.
Fame is fleeting history is not, love will come your way.
Today sheer skies mountainous feelings open hearts.

Time sees you on oceans of words open your eyes.
Remember your love never loose a step, never fall.
Happiness is at your finger tips hold tight this night.

You are my dream can we dare to catch the stars.
Lifting emotions cast away the doubt walk with me.
Humanity of woman brings us more no regret.

Closed hearts never believe come in from the cold.
This summer can make you dream freedom.
Running the lines between grasp this love.

These keys bring you light stop and care, share.
I see you here bright light of my heart opens,
this world of diction to say this new day to be.

No more bad dreams easy to say claim this.
The calmness will become you, open your wings.
Goddess awaken reflections of life.


© Nicholas Leslie MMXVIII you are angels


Red moon this power movements in our essence life.
Our fire burns bright worthy people we see and feel.
Petals of this rose crystallize in the sight of love.

Thinking we were connected, upon miscalculation bright.
Lightning transverse this core the white light envelops.
Breaking dawn on this bed of straw visited.

Missing this night cry for the freedom solitude again.
The feelings open to save from the fall, glimpse this.
Far from the crowds take strength you are our will.

Gathering feathers of angels they walk with you unnoticed.
I miss you as my heart breaks this moment in time.
Can we see can we gather can we share can we be free.

I hide the wings given this day singing for love to pass.
Searching these pathways in the light see me we are here.
Believe as one achieve your soul open the pathways.

Fallen to soil we grow trees once said on mankind.
You gave us the black-stars come forth light the candle.
Our universe solitude we know you for now.

History writes itself can we seek freedom from man.
Change courageous never say goodbye this day.
Rapture felicitations cróga.


© Nicholas Leslie MMXVIII

Still Waters

I vision you from your reflection on still waters this night.
This is a dance of hearts wondering light stars in the sky.
You embody the angels there pools of tears cleanse.

Hope, never loose the way, open gates of heaven today.
Walking these landscapes of man, they fall to natures way.
Spiralling orbits of our Sun days come to years, yesterday.

Governance collapsing migrating the new existence.
Freedom taken from our children, no voice no individual.
Keep, care your love, the mind divided body divided.

Collapsed ripples in time across these oceans of tears.
The voice came and will return our cycle in peace.
Watching rain drops on the window of life.

Will never fail beyond revolutions change will happen.
Axis this dimension the transformation complete.
Hold fast your dreams, care receive love.


© Nicholas Leslie MMXVIII

I See You

Today falling from heaven this time a chance to love.
Speak to me this our time for light cascading emotions.
Naked to the truth answering the call forever this soul.

The trees gather there worlds for you to see this horizon.
Drifting light-ways this landscape standing fast the last.
Raise your hands to this sky once more bright moons.

Hold my hand this starlight world, we are young.
Sleeping this daylight this comfort of noise away.
Do I know you forgivingness casting this highway.

Passing to Earth loneliness these expectations grow.
Belonging to this land pure given essence enrich.
The song is love were never alone our hearts.

Age is our faith shooting stars to light the way this night.
Mothers love this will not pass in no control we see.
Think of time sustained for evermore I see you.

Finding this timeless emotion do not cry tonight.
Life subsequence passes by we still need to try.
Take the chance or you will not find this connection.
Shining gold these wings of freedom sing this forever.


© Nicholas Leslie MMXVIII #ProgressivePoetry

No Mask

Peace be with you my friends these days are difficult.
Raise the hope open this door let the light show.
Rescue can we hope this love open hearts.

Spoken words where is the time flowing waters,
endless days we can live forever from these words.
Missing you from my heart overcome these moments.

Seeing you in the light these summer days no mask.
We are free of this soul forever dancing dreams live forever.
In stages of this light follow love, do not go blind.

Never in darkness come from the dark no to fear.
In our shadows no steps taken this way see your star.
Holding fast the hand of love guided throughout years.

Hold your love fast here we are in life consequence.
Days fold to weeks years never losses we are still.
I see you through this sunshine never to let go.

To find innocence again shedding history lost to these days.
I love you never to let you go, nothing lost this century.
Never to fall we are, we can never give up time passes.

Holding fast dreams this will find peace follow your soul.
Progression messages from the heart find me this world.
Rolling skies this time days to save this form never lost.

© Nicholas Leslie MMXVIII #ProgressivePoetry


Let the love come down tonight this daydream of me.
Holding clear accept this fortune in feelings.
We lightning through the night, breaking darkness of the mind.

Wait, never in the eclipse of doubt, full of love for you.
Combined energy’s signals across this landscape bare.
Holding the hand in existence riding horses captured.

Fore in these the times imagination is clear salvation.
Unity exists can we be there in this protection,
enlightenment to achieve this friendship of man.

History tells these beginnings, no more tears alone.
Interleaving layers humanity you shall not burn.
Innovation the next core metamorphosis spoken words.

Romance these end days and fall epoch collectively.
Skies encapsulated compressed pathways open.
Fractions acquiescence these must be the days.

Open hearts to endearment no weakness here.
Compassionate is no loss you are the one.
Come walk the daylight and watch the birds fly.

© Nicholas Leslie MMXVIII #ProgressivePoetry