Let the love come down tonight this daydream of me.
Holding clear accept this fortune in feelings.
We lightning through the night, breaking darkness of the mind.

Wait, never in the eclipse of doubt, full of love for you.
Combined energy’s signals across this landscape bare.
Holding the hand in existence riding horses captured.

Fore in these the times imagination is clear salvation.
Unity exists can we be there in this protection,
enlightenment to achieve this friendship of man.

History tells these beginnings, no more tears alone.
Interleaving layers humanity you shall not burn.
Innovation the next core metamorphosis spoken words.

Romance these end days and fall epoch collectively.
Skies encapsulated compressed pathways open.
Fractions acquiescence these must be the days.

Open hearts to endearment no weakness here.
Compassionate is no loss you are the one.
Come walk the daylight and watch the birds fly.

© Nicholas Leslie MMXVIII #ProgressivePoetry

Be Sure

Dancing sunlight upon the face of my angel I see.
Clasping clouds across infinity skies my love.
Horses on seashores glimmering wildness.

Soft to the touch this memory never lost in summer days.
Our beating hearts of unified essence stand with me.
Your eyes crystal tears upon rainbows light.

Keep these crossroads pathways meeting minds.
Listen to the nature singing our days infinity begins.
Steps, this imagination is the truth of our souls.

Existence this love hold fast in the arms of freedom.
Compassion by this day as to try everyday today.
Time is short riding highways of light.

Come to me softly the way of woman free.
The moon rises to pathways in the night.
Bring me to you this night it is a dream away.

Cycles upon this universe showing the way.
We are together throughout history be sure.
Combining souls this chance in the dance.

Make this whole, sing for life this guidance.
The love on the plains of patience this years.
Feel my touch slowly caresses our love.


 © Nicholas Leslie MMXVIII #ProgressivePoetry


Towards the light, will you see tears of these angels.
Looking for the one the only soul this ourselves open.
Need you dancing flowers of the spring open hearts.

Broken the years come to haunt the minds where’s the flame.
I held you in the sunshine of life memory’s crisp morning frost.
Wondering this is to late, helping motions circles in life’s dance.

Finding landing grounds come forth skies ablaze mothers.
No right from distance lets connect, mind people aware.
Governments soulless grasping power no more.

People we the people we grasp foretold governance.
Highways passed flowing the blood of innocents no more.
Apocalypse screaming upon death everyday.

Awake the daylight this morning there is no end.
Denial the suffering unspoken demons of optical fibre.
We have all to give quiet words for the fallen.

Candles to the church for your peace, we sing today.
Mary my mother by the grace keep my soul today.
Lost never walking alone rage the bells of freedom.

We are ancient souls drifting non existence do we know.
Under the light we survive the seasons can we.
Love no boundaries humanity, listen now make the difference.


© Nicholas Leslie MMXVIII #ProgressivePoetry


To holiness ancients years pass from your light.
Alive from the poison bleeding our eyes open.
Sooth the mind core fraction grasping for life.

Are we the lie passing to dawn crisp clean earth,
we are one my friends as Angels sing this day.
Take hold of love emptiness open sunrise.

Talk to me as our tall ships pass the waves,
I hold you to my heart never to meet.
loneliness I time separation exhausted falling.

Woman come to me just thoughts this equinox,
Together we are still fitting dreams of God’s.
Xiazhi, sisters arise running the minds.

Our arc songkran make peace the wings,
hold us fast. Warm in touch caress me now,
look to our dreams we never die.


© Nicholas Leslie MMXVII #ProgressivePoetry