Pastel shades this red night sky of vortex in symphony life,

My broken mind can we heal this forgiveness just dreams.

Bring forth your feelings whole on the cross this life.


Place bring the days of joy calm forgetfulness this my heart,

Take the pain away where is my help broken soul.

Heal my friends we at the lost time nevermore coldness.


Hearing the footsteps of death once more rolling mist,

Through these times injustice the lonely ones in power.

You have not spoken for me or your people.


Endless days of false promise can we end this now,

To become nothing, I grow trees on empty landscapes.

Awake I pleaded our defence they turn against us.


Falling no empathy concern even sympathy cold government.

Calling the speakers to unite end the watching now for action.

Donation of life our parallel stop cold hearts the rot.


Humanity end these days be freedom be our voice tonight,

Can we end hate you gave me life damaged do not compare.

Reading this time in tears inhumanity beyond compare.


Touch my mind I hold you to the light we are transparent,

Sooth your soul make the cross at the alter morning light.

Set me free from endless days in darkness sleeping life.


White like has appeared calling me to protect you,

We are all of the blood in Christ we nailed to the cross.

Untie earthly times slow death becomes no hiding we are shadows.


© Nicholas Leslie MMXIX Progressive Poetry, Is there an end to forgiveness.