This Winter

Empty again my friend death creeps the soul no ending.
Believe the Sun will shine again, was this our memory.
From the night walking to the arms of love.

Standing where we fear to tread hazel eyes.
Hold fast the dreams in unity the crossroads.
Were naked stripped of flesh sending us free.

Living the music I hear you call rise our bones.
Forgive I set you this road, let go the fear my love.
Open wings our angels of the skies this together.

Find us summer answers flowing the mind us.
Keys holding fast the locks of the chains holding this winter.
Aperture centres our souls people within pain.

Late in the night we will answer this dwelling in sorrow.
Light wakes the mind from darkness developed now.
Change comes to us tired flowers in this moonlight.

Call for the love no man can give understand now.
Follow deep waters refresh clear see people see.
Never walk alone, we never walk alone.

Talking softly they conquer as this light do not cry.
Passing souls this world never apart, tell your story.
Find yourself in words no more my Angel.


© Nicholas Leslie MMXVIII #ProgressivePoetry