in Progressive Poetry

Twenty Millennium

Walking into the sunset mist follows there over shores calm.
holding fast the dreams for peace clear freedom this end.
the blood broods at the vampires at your door forsaken love.

While our demons grow this world dark skies envelope the mind.
grieve I grieve for you this passing moment lost to life I.
This pain passing through the days never ending.

I die for you through the days this childhood lost mind,
My life ends beginning the new days on days lost.
Turning years across this life time meld form.

Come to me spirit holiness is thought hold Jesus.
No heaven no hell selling salvation core coldness.
Love is no weapon calling saints of war reconciliation now.

Crusading holding knights of templar this holy grail.
falling stars twenty millennium past an hour this moment.
We are alive heavy horses come forth this land.
Yes to God no to fear, yes to love no to prejudice.


© Nicholas Leslie MMXVIII #ProgressivePoetry