in Progressive Poetry


Let the love come down tonight this daydream of me.
Holding clear accept this fortune in feelings.
We lightning through the night, breaking darkness of the mind.

Wait, never in the eclipse of doubt, full of love for you.
Combined energy’s signals across this landscape bare.
Holding the hand in existence riding horses captured.

Fore in these the times imagination is clear salvation.
Unity exists can we be there in this protection,
enlightenment to achieve this friendship of man.

History tells these beginnings, no more tears alone.
Interleaving layers humanity you shall not burn.
Innovation the next core metamorphosis spoken words.

Romance these end days and fall epoch collectively.
Skies encapsulated compressed pathways open.
Fractions acquiescence these must be the days.

Open hearts to endearment no weakness here.
Compassionate is no loss you are the one.
Come walk the daylight and watch the birds fly.

© Nicholas Leslie MMXVIII #ProgressivePoetry