Ruth Allen

It's Gonna Be Alright
It’s Gonna Be Alright

Ruth Allen’s we Interrupt Our Regularly Scheduled Programming, var 1.
Apart from the original description this work encapsulates a message for all, we have all have endured Covid for so long now personally well over twelve months. Ruth is a very talented artist with foresight. A unique style and attitude. I would like for you to look deeper at Ruth’s work.
Please follow the link to her website: Ruth Allen draws and paints and twitter @10tinbluebirds Ruth deserves more exposure. Please view original animation work at makersplace. Nicholas Collection It is going to be alright! We all suffer glitches. Peace be with you always.



Nahuatl, have we learnt from our mistakes through history. Symbolic of lost words we but can only move forwards. Languages are lost only the few are trying to be kept alive. Do we need to learn the answer is yes.

Clear Skies

Hand In Hand

Loss of the bumblebee, vaporising into extinction. Many crops will fail and we go hand in hand. There are over 250 species in the genus Bombus, part of Apidae, one of the bee families.

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Experimental mixed media


The butterfly created mixed media, charcoal and soft pastel tones. Imported to photoshop and digitally manipulated. I am a experimental artist, always looking for new techniques and processes. I have had this described as a water angel. I understand everyone sees art differently. I imagined coming out of darkness with a new aura into a new day. I would love to read your vision.

Available to invest in on MakersPlace as a NFT. Experimental mixed media.


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Artists Call Out

Can you help my find my work, finders fee might be applicable.

1980 – 1984+ Life study under tutor Mr Harding, Hereford Art and Design.

The year 1980+ at Bodenham work spanning over five years.

I have lost a lot of work over the years I have always tried to document my life in some way and always carried a camera from the age of sixteen and there safely locked away.

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NFT investment

Considering art was the first form of communication we have declined to value children’s art. As an artist I have always encouraged, I was experimenting with abstract art at the age of fourteen The deputy head teacher walked in to the class looked at my poster paint work and rather loudly said “Well that’s a waste of paint and paper” this set me back in my creative spirit. I have found one person on Makersplace of the same heart who values children’s work.
@ModeratsArt Twitter A honourable collector. See the collection here: makersplace moderats I would also like to say thank you to this very private person he knows the value of NFT investment. So if you are encouraging your children to create make contact with Moderats.

Stay Creative

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San Francisco Time

Because of health conditions I have to stop living on San Francisco time, the effort I have put in to working my Makersplace over the past twelve and a half months. I have to come back to UK time. My apologies to my following I now have spent three weeks trying to alter my sleep pattern to normal. I feel exhausted most of the time and once described as a pillar of Makersplace I have helped to develop. My creative spirit has diminished greatly I cannot miss another summer. Time to switch off for a while. I wish everyone a pleasant holiday season and see you in the new year. Starting to think about writing again but there to much bad news and totalitarianism to think straight. Peace Be With You Always and I hope I have inspired you in some way, it is obvious I have but it would be nice to get some sort of credit.

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Broken Lemniscate

The description CERN relate to particle accelerators within my mind infinite reactions like the butterfly effect. Impacting reality on collision this work, relates to a vision of infinity splitting. Thus opening dimensions to there realities that would then collide with ours and not in a good way. The detail in this work needs to be seen on the original image. You could say the release of evil upon the world.

Photo manipulation creative digital art
Photography manipulation creative digital art. ∞

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