In Projects: On 12/04/2019 Ryoma found me on and invited me to join makersplace I was dubious at first so i was curious so researched they had around one thousand artists I found this to be interesting. To tell the truth it was a struggle at first. Then I was asked to be an… Continue reading Makersplace

Quantum Eternity

Hold my hand take me the right way I do not talk, Banished subconscious memories we do not think. Nature is this our Earth we are soil to grow. Education miscalculation never the right road, Thunder and lightning across the mind primal scream. These years pass quickly orbiting quantum eternity. They are of the shadows… Continue reading Quantum Eternity

Thank You

My apologies my poetry has become very exhausting and I have hit a block, This means I will be taking a break from writing. I will be concentrating on my art work at this time, thank you everyone for your support. Ventured into cryptoart my store can be found here Featured Artists of: Makers Place… Continue reading Thank You

Wolf Moon

The birth of the wolf moon from yesterday don’t brake my heart. Cried for the fist time early years hello goodbye this time new. Blistered soul across deserts without fear ride the way to God. Longley toning through landscapes grasp from the heart tonight. Notice: JavaScript is required for this content.

Fragmented II

#Fragmented II: Soul Communication… Poetry Works from  2014 to 2017 This wonderful book contains a series of poems and written pieces from an original and thought-provoking author. Buy the Book On Amazon