Ruth Allen

Ruth Allen’s we Interrupt Our Regularly Scheduled Programming, var 1. Apart from the original description this work encapsulates a message for all, we have all have endured Covid for so long now personally well over twelve months. Ruth is a very talented artist with foresight. A unique style and attitude. I would like for you… Continue reading Ruth Allen


Nahuatl, have we learnt from our mistakes through history. Symbolic of lost words we but can only move forwards. Languages are lost only the few are trying to be kept alive. Do we need to learn the answer is yes.

Clear Skies

Loss of the bumblebee, vaporising into extinction. Many crops will fail and we go hand in hand. There are over 250 species in the genus Bombus, part of Apidae, one of the bee families. Available on Makersplace  ~ Nicholas ~ Thank you for your support.


Delicate, The butterfly created mixed media, charcoal and soft pastel tones. Imported to photoshop and digitally manipulated. I am a experimental artist, always looking for new techniques and processes. I have had this described as a water angel. I understand everyone sees art differently. I imagined coming out of darkness with a new aura into… Continue reading Fragile