Artists Call Out

Can you help my find my work, finders fee might be applicable. 1980 – 1984+ Life study under tutor Mr Harding, Hereford Art and Design. The year 1980+ at Bodenham work spanning over five years. I have lost a lot of work over the years I have always tried to document my life in some… Continue reading Artists Call Out

San Francisco Time

Because of health conditions I have to stop living on San Francisco time, the effort I have put in to working my Makersplace over the past twelve and a half months. I have to come back to UK time. My apologies to my following I now have spent three weeks trying to alter my sleep… Continue reading San Francisco Time

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Thank You

My apologies my poetry has become very exhausting and I have hit a block, This means I will be taking a break from writing. I will be concentrating on my art work at this time, thank you everyone for your support. Ventured into cryptoart my store can be found here Featured Artists of: Makers Place… Continue reading Thank You