Untold Questions

You in this time under this night protection folded,
Losing the fear that is cast from the lost in the shadows.
Why do we die taken from this wounded body and mind.

Conquest falling to the shores of hope neither none today,
Moments infinity calls cleansing Earth that is Firestone.
The beginning was mentioned lighting the skies.

Cast away your demons’ children live and love,
Every nightfall is the last awake praise the new day.
Walk this new land beckon the summer days.

End this unkindness from different worlds gather clans,
Still today bringers of war have the influence of man,
Strike down evil does this not bring evil untold questions.

Where do we go the end of mankind is near of events,
No quick death bleeding out the saints do we love.
Extinction is our fact do you not know we are this.

Folding light into darkness are you there tell me,
You are the light you are my light we are light,
Stop the suffering open the hearts of peace.

Walked many paths to endless nowhere this life,
Heralds come forth forgiveness we seek this passing.
As we run with the wolfs our dreams are reality.



© Nicholas Leslie MMXIX Progressive Poetry, Fragmented,

Dedicated to Keith Flint


I do not know you any more this life is passing by us all this day,

Twisted fates there is no reason as you lie darkness befalls you.

Hallucinations’ these dreams that capture unity never more.


The heart you gave broken away from these confusions tonight,

I alone hold this light taken nevermore from the souls.

Heaven upon this cross this lesson given I bleed words.


I hear the gentle soft breeze of summer through windows of sleep,

Counting the birds that fly by the window in the skies of closed rooms.

Protection has lost control broken wings again this plain sweetness.


I die the pain in slow death to God I will ask for forgiveness that day,

Wishing great fortunes on the awakening to evade the confusion,

Can you equate fallen ones following blue light microwaves.


Compassion never fought numbers in the lines of the dead now,

Where is the conclusion to the words unjustifiably avoided.

Back to this spring day this joy to see nature of what we are.


We cross dimensions in sleep cast away your fears on this plain,

The hawk gathers the skies the owl gatherers the younglings.

Open to language these days gather the Celts of truth.


We are seers of fortunes that are gathering in this death we are hopeful,

Self-destruction this path screaming out for the lost who never hear.

The Sun will shine to other hemispheres time mortals can you read.


Farther than beyond infinity the dark energy grows can you accept this,

We do not see the darkness of night times will pass to this,

Communication in waves they are calling this is history.

We can see for now but for a glimpse of completion.


Spare this moment for lives lost for causes forgotten wars,

This is conflict of the mind we are lost can I help.

This comes back to the soul of love.


© Nicholas Leslie MMXIX Progressive Poetry, Fragmented

Cailleach-oidhche cailleach mhór

Under this moon light seeking freedom be good to yourself,

Can we capture this moment for peace end the sorrow.

Answers falling from mountains of fire take this chance.


Tailspins of the Owls that cry for your souls in destruction,

Is this life talk tomorrow this is no light of a dream tonight.

Cried out evaporated to the stars in the sky.


This is spinning infinity we have no end there is no cycle of time,

Deputation this mission to set you pain free this is love.

Do not lie to me any-more fractions in this truth of feelings.


Steady the apocalyptic horses come ride this destiny cometh,

Nations fall stand from century’s demons cast them to the ground.

This is the time cailleach-oidhche cailleach mhór.


We hear the sound ripple silently through nations of the lost,

This new breed casting shadows on history come to the cross.

We are light in the blackness no vision no truth I see you.


We fall decayed loveless hearts that rip your mind open,

Come heal with me softly through summer rivers to the sea.

I will not survive this body the fear of the dark void is real.


Can we help these lost souls to peace where are the answers,

Reality there are no moments that are lost oceans calling.

Tame thoughts no harm to you lets find happiness you are the one.

I soon will be ashes.


© Nicholas Leslie MMXIX Progressive Poetry, Fragmented

Soul Pyramids

Were all broken no sensibility water turns to death one take,

We all die feeling seeing the lie selling soul pyramids,

Clones of death command are you hearing these screams.


Breeding the insecurities, the part of the word, evil allowed,

The night is falling we have been to hell people we know,

Fatal this sunrise washing clear the site in blindness.


Grow your wings so we can see these heavens casting away doubt,

Can you feel these words to conquer fear killing demons,

Change cast away the bondage altera dimensions rise.


Power over people corrupts the saints this is not a dream,

Edge of forces deadly force this initiation this violence.

Media does not say this truth evacuate elite they come for you.


Lutheranism rising poisoning children’s minds to control,

We are sentinel open your wings Earth will cast and move.

History there are no hero’s but yourselves claim your mind.


We feel the torture in dark corners your image I see you,

Tear the truth from you give back the freedom to live,

We want peace war machines rolling vast lands of death.


Writing words to evolve the dead walking daylight now,

Among us forms take the second look what else do you want.

Humans are not our enemies grasping creation in thoughts.


We hear water on tin roofs for first is has to rain scorched soil,

Mirrors never show you the answer let go your pain now.

Find your peace this all we can do in this war.


© Nicholas Leslie MMXIX Progressive Poetry, Fragmented

Who Are You

Been at hells door is that a man rolling horizons in nether worlds,

Visions of examination the wanting to help with words always miss,

For real do we not cast shadows in shame nailed to the cross.


Mother help me God this sunrise burns we are blind these days,

For the help circles of tears this idea is dangerous to the soul.

I see you there my spiritual love hold me fast I recognised the pain.


Throwing words to the wind grasping hands to the rope imagination,

Were never alone the Celts cry this century passed open your eyes.

We are alone walking city streets nevermore passed to fame.


Blindfolded to these inner lights can you see walk with me for a while,

We are all empty sitting at your thrown the demise takes you.

Across these lands of beautiful lands trapped in rooms.


Mary forgive me I know you cry my shadow casts no more,

Of the blood of Christ catching star light in the sky this once more.

Time drifts to recompense to see your eye deep in the universe.


We are but mortal to gain our wings help is wanted we are children,

Help yourself this takes time forever loved is what you are.

Is there infinity this is choice falling to Earth.


The all-seeing eye holds your secrets to obtained from time,

We need reflection I hear you in this storm equilibrium now.

Closing to your mind we are all love do not despair.


© Nicholas Leslie MMXIX Progressive Poetry, In this desolation


Pastel shades this red night sky of vortex in symphony life,

My broken mind can we heal this forgiveness just dreams.

Bring forth your feelings whole on the cross this life.


Place bring the days of joy calm forgetfulness this my heart,

Take the pain away where is my help broken soul.

Heal my friends we at the lost time nevermore coldness.


Hearing the footsteps of death once more rolling mist,

Through these times injustice the lonely ones in power.

You have not spoken for me or your people.


Endless days of false promise can we end this now,

To become nothing, I grow trees on empty landscapes.

Awake I pleaded our defence they turn against us.


Falling no empathy concern even sympathy cold government.

Calling the speakers to unite end the watching now for action.

Donation of life our parallel stop cold hearts the rot.


Humanity end these days be freedom be our voice tonight,

Can we end hate you gave me life damaged do not compare.

Reading this time in tears inhumanity beyond compare.


Touch my mind I hold you to the light we are transparent,

Sooth your soul make the cross at the alter morning light.

Set me free from endless days in darkness sleeping life.


White like has appeared calling me to protect you,

We are all of the blood in Christ we nailed to the cross.

Untie earthly times slow death becomes no hiding we are shadows.


© Nicholas Leslie MMXIX Progressive Poetry, Is there an end to forgiveness.

Hidden Beneath

We lost control where is the light my friend in this horizon,

Tears fall at no loss comparison to broken hearts climate.

Do not widen time this room on the floor do you care.

Looking into your eyes can we find angels now this time,

The demons come and go white light expanse revolving.

The tears lost wake the mind you can find across the rocks of time.

Be free of mind now let’s set us free do not evade the love today,

Standing fast many times washed ashore floating streams of wonder.

I see you there with my heart I save for yesterday there now deep now.

Falling across fields in summer time of this mind captured moments,

Fighting the words of this power change will come never the less.

We are born of Jesus Allah ides fallen from language of words.

Embrace the day create the love we need to survive night,

Holding in my thoughts given gratitude of craft shaping years.

We cannot write to the lost any more can there be something new.

I gather you in my arms enfolded in wings of love and peace today,

Reaching for time this space unwritten music cries the time.

Give and give there is a endless vortex hidden beneath.

The longest day becomes you never fallen to history humanity,

Grasping you in my arms I speak to you now embrace purity,

This is our water we are children of atoms behave as one.

Worldly expanse creates hate stand fast now my dear ones,

There is time for purist’s knowledge ask of nothing less than this world.

Escape mankind education of the lost to mind grasp emotions. Lunar spacial learn now this is your mind hear it now tonight.

© Nicholas Leslie MMXIX Progressive Poetry, Fragmented

Become Oxygen

Do not walk in empty emotions you are love always,

This emotion takes many forms wake yourself to this.

We were lost on highways of darkness ask for help.

Kissing the moon light were never far from the edge,

This time will heal we will find our affection again.

To look at the shadow of death cast away doubt.

Heal there is truth talk to me I lost you many times,

Grasp the fear take control no easy way from these clouds.

This twilight brake free, feel emotion to learn I hold you.

Our universe loves you but never in words this emotion,

Passing by to say hello I see you forms of the lost.

Welcome to the world feel no guilt find your way.

Evil comes and goes find times your happiness,

Do not misguide you have the future survive now.

Please no despair to take throw this away the struggle.

Moments are you calling our angels ask for help we are,

I miss you talking the last days help now feelings grasp.

There are no secrets memories remember your smile.

Why did you leave Angela this language for-evermore,

Just lost souls history takes us all my heart was open,

Seconds we have our souls to God us all take me.

Joseph circles of tears howling the night the light you gave,

This is death inflicted sorrow I will follow life becomes, I know you friend I will soon become oxygen.

© Nicholas Leslie MMXVIII Progressive Poetry, Fragmented


Grasping the highways of dreams, you sent to me,
Lights from darkness memories never known.
Calling from the morning chorus they sing.

Take this time go steady fear no evil clasping,
Watching you this distance becomes no more.
The stages pen and paper what are we gifted.

Anxiety grasps the heart do not tremble these are tears, Pioneer across the lands afar, becoming one realise, This candle dimmers losing the way to peace.

In the poverty of feelings for fellow humans they are, A smile from the wicked through your vision mock you. As the Celts fall away no more bringers of justice.

These many years under feet of the few we lost life, Living fear killing us as these days go to lost time. Can we stand righteous never no one.

Assassinated they murdered thoughts their control,
Following walkways of the forgiven never reality.
The universe will open, be of controlled peace.

This silence in your mind gather positive thoughts,
Fight for your life unique as we are all.
We are the skies we are the star constellations.

Captured this body in demise, simple wishes to hold,
For life this war of the pollution stand and fight.
Where is the conscience of the humans in power.

They take your freedoms in international demise, Consider to care free community we will never acquire. Resurrection empathy it is your turn.

© Nicholas Leslie MMXVIII Progressive Poetry

Endless Seas

God will take you all running through minds of fear, My angels speak to me now upon this winter. Orbiting the conclusion life ends never to falling tears.

Sing your soul of Earth this time begins now,
Connected we are to the brothers and sisters.
Falling to the feet infinity beckons never to go blind.

This moon passing the satellite of chosen ones,
Set sail the ships never into war, we are of heart.
Women open the mind as this drum beats to no conclusion.

Generations this universe upon ghosts of fear look now, Daybreak sets imagination featurisation come home. We are value not comparable to endless seas we are the beast.

Lay your swords to the ground come away from darkness, Laterals do not fire scape images come forth. Sounds of running blood lost to time you never remember.

Never to learn.

© Nicholas Leslie MMXVIII Progressive Poetry