Light dancing in you’re Irish eyes Kerry don’t cry were souls in flight. Wondering where we came to be in salvation our hearts.

Mount Sirius

We gather the stones to Mount Sirius, fledglings the guidance upon you. Our caverns come to air to breath life upon century’s In sleep.
Mankind become clear we bring peace upon you, this time.


Let me show you peace. Come with me through the atmospheres.
Guide you to light seeing the future. Rise spirit rise
sukh. Find this, you will have mind maanas not to fall.
I am Berithdawe, global speaker. Take heart we progress.


Revaluation a lonely soul in revolution revolutionary brake my heart feelings in loosing our minds together we are comparison thought is creation the nights are long find your strength tired in to the night walk slowly with me this is our voice free yourself from pain

insinuate bindings In depth come back to me life day after day fallen at your feet Eucharist for the last time we are love this was you quietly forgotten to age aktorka with my heart etched to stone there Is our pathway alight with stars.

Travelling Inwards our dimension Is never there see me at the waterfalls of tears, This will never be us on this day only separation calls In earthly bounds we will be together In Earth open, wake and see.


Humanoid interdimensional beings the observance from creation to care and balance. Winged saviors resourcing patience understanding and indirect influence on thoughts and behavior patterns however slight. Tasked with guidance with planetary interaction are source never seen having to ware organic flight suites to be able to jump dimensions and planetary locations.