Say Goodnight

Sitting on the bridge close but to far forever
Come hold my hand can we walk this way
lost theses days age captured the body to sleep.

meteorites fell to earth this day connected.
Showing beautify far from the hands conclusion.
Sitting alone to surpass mortal words never spoken.

The will is lost time to pass bye and say goodnight.
Hearts grow as trees on the edge of this world.
Tears caught us in the rain lowered to ground.

Understand we are complete miraculous hold fast.
Giving peace to the touch of universal love.
Times of the fear is breaking your times children.

Loosing to many souls injustice the reapers come.
Slowly gathering storms reject man the virus.
Not worthy of Earth as Mars passed by for time.

Energy unsurpassed at the grasp of evil coming.
Numbers in systems no humanity case closed.
Midnight calls release lets see through darkness.
Awake new day thankful to dispels these nightmares.


© Nicholas Leslie MMXVIII #ProgressivePoetry