Praise Today

All this pain you hold, scream my friend do not fake rid yourself of fear,

Never to be with me this journey I watched you praise today now.

Freedom on roads of the night special moments alone we are.


Gathering Celts across becomes of like these mountains, yes.

I lose you to life as I fall of the death of completion now.

Gathering tall ships for our love this day keep safe on this dream.


Globalisation keys to the death on this journey we warn now,

In chains system of the insecure can we not run from ourselves.

We conclude we conclude the ark is flooded our Hearts.


Can we see to believe do not deny your part we are paid no more,

We are at the round house the fire burns bright casting away demons.

Point to the end of man we have seen the forgotten blank stare now.


Do not beg forgiveness there is none I pray for you these lost days,

Do not talk in the language of God lost apparent witness of the days.

Politics of puppets there is no belief tears of self-loathing.


We walk these towns obeisance’s for these of truth can we ask.

The mind wonders I do not follow you we are of soil.

Reaction this night skies can you be complete.


© Nicholas Leslie MMXIX Progressive Poetry, Fragmented

Cailleach-oidhche cailleach mhór

Under this moon light seeking freedom be good to yourself,

Can we capture this moment for peace end the sorrow.

Answers falling from mountains of fire take this chance.


Tailspins of the Owls that cry for your souls in destruction,

Is this life talk tomorrow this is no light of a dream tonight.

Cried out evaporated to the stars in the sky.


This is spinning infinity we have no end there is no cycle of time,

Deputation this mission to set you pain free this is love.

Do not lie to me any-more fractions in this truth of feelings.


Steady the apocalyptic horses come ride this destiny cometh,

Nations fall stand from century’s demons cast them to the ground.

This is the time cailleach-oidhche cailleach mhór.


We hear the sound ripple silently through nations of the lost,

This new breed casting shadows on history come to the cross.

We are light in the blackness no vision no truth I see you.


We fall decayed loveless hearts that rip your mind open,

Come heal with me softly through summer rivers to the sea.

I will not survive this body the fear of the dark void is real.


Can we help these lost souls to peace where are the answers,

Reality there are no moments that are lost oceans calling.

Tame thoughts no harm to you lets find happiness you are the one.

I soon will be ashes.


© Nicholas Leslie MMXIX Progressive Poetry, Fragmented

To Many Times

Pieces on the floor trapped in life and death scream with me.
Touching lost souls there is no damnation friends blind are we.
Age upon the cutting steel soulless leaders no more power.

Looming second moon falls upon the gaze where here.
Twenty millennia grasping energy, breath again no fear.
Asking on gold this mistake the drums now beating openly.

The heart is open come find yourself highways in light.
Missing you from broken hearts to many times.
Nothing but injustice blazon across community.

Freedom cries the names of the fallen not forgotten.
Hold your hands to the skies repeat keep me universe.
God will help you not on forgivingness but blood.

My children of the mind call for love call free.
We were, we are, we will be star children from atoms.
The splitting cell embodies mankind by whose hand.

Sharing minds these angels embrace love is a small word,
as the stars rise pale red charged with reflections.
Feel waves the cosmos holds you fast.

There is a striking pain to help you more to see.
waters on the shores the body dies to dust my flowers.
Plant the trees to grow in our minds to change.

Dawn is your saviour grasping holiness once more.
The world dies every single day to mankind.
Never give your hope away you will fall to screams.
As love answers the call.

© Nicholas Leslie MMXVIII #ProgressivePoetry