Be Sure

Dancing sunlight upon the face of my angel I see.
Clasping clouds across infinity skies my love.
Horses on seashores glimmering wildness.

Soft to the touch this memory never lost in summer days.
Our beating hearts of unified essence stand with me.
Your eyes crystal tears upon rainbows light.

Keep these crossroads pathways meeting minds.
Listen to the nature singing our days infinity begins.
Steps, this imagination is the truth of our souls.

Existence this love hold fast in the arms of freedom.
Compassion by this day as to try everyday today.
Time is short riding highways of light.

Come to me softly the way of woman free.
The moon rises to pathways in the night.
Bring me to you this night it is a dream away.

Cycles upon this universe showing the way.
We are together throughout history be sure.
Combining souls this chance in the dance.

Make this whole, sing for life this guidance.
The love on the plains of patience this years.
Feel my touch slowly caresses our love.


 © Nicholas Leslie MMXVIII #ProgressivePoetry

Mount Sirius

We gather the stones to Mount Sirius, fledglings the guidance upon you. Our caverns come to air to breath life upon century’s In sleep.
Mankind become clear we bring peace upon you, this time.