Pockets Full of Rocks

Walking the sands in the dense mist morning rise, No understanding these sounds of crashing waves. Closed eyes alone once more on this moment.

Come back to myself begging footprints never followed, Feelings to be swallowed by this great ocean before. Death breathing down the neck do we fight.

Pockets full of rocks memories held to grasp, Missing emotions rescue me on this flight. Our wings grow bare the pain it will pass.

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Is this the land of the free as encapsulated people.
This time we forget the loss forever hold fast.
Awakening of the child my harmonies call we lost.

Spending nights alone this sings the clouds I never seen.
he dawn as the moth fly bringer this companionship.
Endowments of volcanic rock the reflection shape.

Stand yourself at the gates of dawn this morning.
Deep seas conquered no chastity hold fast.
Memories burnt to the mind the blue sphere I see you.

On conduction holding this love hold tightly.
What is rapture but you to know soft.
Turning paranoia sugar taste this life time.

Wishing upon you peace to the day if only.
Conflicting nations this war no sense at all.
Hurricane ripping the sails be home tonight.

Death this machine collided minds no more.
On the floor to build peace can we see this age.
Killing fields chosen ones be free from pain.

Peace please. 


© Nicholas Leslie MMXVIII #ProgressivePoetry

Dark Days

Landscape of broken dreams I drown in sorrow my soul,
rooms empty without you hearing echoes this life.
asking questions were not born but to death.

Hearts in pain cutting sharp, release yourself loneliness,
what is truth polluted minds, mesmerized to digital highways.
Never ending war this man into fear of life grasping for air.

Take this pain take away this pain no words to conclude,
given this day tribes rise in hallways of power.
cleansing your eyes will see fallen flags petulance.

Live in truth we are change greeting falling cosmos.
Angels chorus in time of thought action this waking hour.
Aspirations desire, hope, longing, yearning peace.

Telling folk-law this meaning evades simple minds.
Born to see this end of times, every single day this lifetime.
Counting atoms flashing the skies from steps this estate.

Fates watching three seeing wisdoms hold man fast,
is this time tonight new days come forth in wisdom.
Can we awaken again seeing fallen skies dark days.

Spring waits for you all seasons wait for you life forward.
burning Sun awakens this change falls fast to you.
You are change bring forth the truth now my people.


© Nicholas Leslie MMXVIII #ProgressivePoetry