I do not know you any more this life is passing by us all this day,

Twisted fates there is no reason as you lie darkness befalls you.

Hallucinations’ these dreams that capture unity never more.


The heart you gave broken away from these confusions tonight,

I alone hold this light taken nevermore from the souls.

Heaven upon this cross this lesson given I bleed words.


I hear the gentle soft breeze of summer through windows of sleep,

Counting the birds that fly by the window in the skies of closed rooms.

Protection has lost control broken wings again this plain sweetness.


I die the pain in slow death to God I will ask for forgiveness that day,

Wishing great fortunes on the awakening to evade the confusion,

Can you equate fallen ones following blue light microwaves.


Compassion never fought numbers in the lines of the dead now,

Where is the conclusion to the words unjustifiably avoided.

Back to this spring day this joy to see nature of what we are.


We cross dimensions in sleep cast away your fears on this plain,

The hawk gathers the skies the owl gatherers the younglings.

Open to language these days gather the Celts of truth.


We are seers of fortunes that are gathering in this death we are hopeful,

Self-destruction this path screaming out for the lost who never hear.

The Sun will shine to other hemispheres time mortals can you read.


Farther than beyond infinity the dark energy grows can you accept this,

We do not see the darkness of night times will pass to this,

Communication in waves they are calling this is history.

We can see for now but for a glimpse of completion.


Spare this moment for lives lost for causes forgotten wars,

This is conflict of the mind we are lost can I help.

This comes back to the soul of love.


© Nicholas Leslie MMXIX Progressive Poetry, Fragmented

Soul Pyramids

Were all broken no sensibility water turns to death one take,

We all die feeling seeing the lie selling soul pyramids,

Clones of death command are you hearing these screams.


Breeding the insecurities, the part of the word, evil allowed,

The night is falling we have been to hell people we know,

Fatal this sunrise washing clear the site in blindness.


Grow your wings so we can see these heavens casting away doubt,

Can you feel these words to conquer fear killing demons,

Change cast away the bondage altera dimensions rise.


Power over people corrupts the saints this is not a dream,

Edge of forces deadly force this initiation this violence.

Media does not say this truth evacuate elite they come for you.


Lutheranism rising poisoning children’s minds to control,

We are sentinel open your wings Earth will cast and move.

History there are no hero’s but yourselves claim your mind.


We feel the torture in dark corners your image I see you,

Tear the truth from you give back the freedom to live,

We want peace war machines rolling vast lands of death.


Writing words to evolve the dead walking daylight now,

Among us forms take the second look what else do you want.

Humans are not our enemies grasping creation in thoughts.


We hear water on tin roofs for first is has to rain scorched soil,

Mirrors never show you the answer let go your pain now.

Find your peace this all we can do in this war.


© Nicholas Leslie MMXIX Progressive Poetry, Fragmented